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About Us



LaHave Bakery, since opening in July 1985, has been steadfast in its mission to rise above the ordinary by embracing what was good in the past and adapting for the health and food security of the future. 

The first, and most important value is food. We strive to make a quality product with quality ingredients. We make everything from scratch. Our ingredient sources from Nova Scotia are farms that share our values in a respect for the land as well as animals. We want our bread to be affordable for all. We offer several price points for our bread according to freshness. We also regularly donate frozen loaves to local food banks. This bread is delicious, and good for you. Everyone should have access to nutritious food!

The second value is this huge, wooden turn of the century building that, in it’s heyday housed a ships chandlery, fish plant, and in 1922 the Imperial Bank of Commerce. Today it is the roof over LaHave Bakery, LaHave River Books, Homegrown Skateboards and the LaHave Craft Co-op. Deep inside, at the core of the building, LaHave Bakery is baking bread, cooking food and releasing the rich, heady aromas of the good life, seven days a week. 

The third value is people. Our customers are so important to us. We love to see locals meeting up for coffee and a scone or maybe a birthday lunch! We are avid donators to local fundraisers at local small schools, community halls and fire departments. These institutions give our community a heart and mind! Our most important people are those that work here. So much care goes into the food we make and the atmosphere we provide. Everyone works very hard as a team to make it all happen! We stand for equality and respect for ALL people! 

This business is a part of a whole life in rural Nova Scotia. A life that strives to rise above the ordinary!

Historical Facts

  • This building was built by the Boener (pronounced beener) Brothers in 1896.
  • It was built as a Ships outfitting company and fish plant. 
  • The LaHave Outfitting Co. co-owned several schooners as well as this enterprise. 
  • These ships started by setting out to the western banks to fish, returned here to cure and salt the catch, reload and travel to the Turks and Caicos to trade the salt fish for salt, sugar, molasses and of course RHUM!
  • In 1937, the company invested in the refrigeration plant, which included a compressor and the large diesel engine in the grocery store. This created FOUR freezer rooms used to freeze fish for shipping WEST into Canada. 
  • The top floor of this building was the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce starting in 1922. The CIBC then built the brick building across the street. It was then changed to a Royal Bank before being sold to a private owner. The Vaults are still intact!
  • The white house next door was bought by Gael this fall (2018) to use as a staff accommodation. It has three bedrooms in it. The house was built in 1914 by the Grays (the owners of LaHave Outfitting Co). Three people who lived in that house (Vera Getson, Ruby Gray & Lawrence Gray) ALL lived to be over 100!
  • The Brass cash register upstairs was made in 1886! The brass register downstairs was from the early 1900s. We still use them EVERYDAY!