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Dried goods list

Order in increments of $5, $10 or $20.
Apricots, dried, organic: 14.20/1kg
Almonds, sliced:23.50/1kg
Almonds, whole blanched:29.25/1kg
Baking powder: 6.75/1kg
Baking soda: 5.70/1kg
Banana chips: 9.00/1kg
Barley, pearl: 4.80/1kg
Black turtle beans, dried: 4.10/1kg Canola Oil: 3.00/L
Chia seeds: 21.00/1kg
Chickpeas, dried:3.90/1kg
Chocolate chips, pure: 11.40/1kg
Cocoa (22/24): 18.75/1kg
Coconut, sweetened shredded:8.20/1kg
Coconut flour, organic: 6.60/1kg
Coconut Oil, organic: 18.00 per 1000ml jar
Coconut Milk: 5.00 per can
Coffee, any whole bean: 32.50/1kg (JAVA BLEND or QUEST)
Cornmeal: 2.75/1kg
Cornstarch: 3.50/1kg
Couscous (medium): 16.50/1kg
Cracked wheat: 1.80/1kg
Cranberries, dried: 9.40/1kg
Dates, whole pitted: 4.20/1kg
Egg noodle: 11.60/1kg
Flax, milled: 2.90/1kg
Flax, whole: 3.00/1kg
Flour, all purpose, unbleached, organic: 3.40/1kg
Flour, dark rye: 1.46/1kg
Flour, Spelt, organic: 4.50/1kg
Flour, unbleached: 1.30/1kg

Lentils, green, organic: 5.10/1kg
Lentils, red, organic: 8.60/1kg
Macaroni, elbows: 1.58/1kg
Macaroni, elbows, whole grain: 9.40/1kg
Macaroni, brown rice: 13.20/1kg
Maseca flour: 9.75 per 2 kg bag
Milk Powder, skim: 13.05/1kg
Molasses, fancy: 3.40/1kg
Mustard powder: 4.40/1kg
Mustard seed, brown:
Mustard seed, yellow:
Oats, organic, rolled, GF: 4.00/1kg Oats, instant: 2.40/1kg
Oats, rolled:2.40/1kg
Orzo pasta: 6.60/1kg
Parchment paper: 0.30 per sheet.
Peanuts, salted: 7.50/1kg
Peanut butter, smooth sweetened: 9.00/1kg Pecans, pieces: 44.00/1kg
Poppyseeds: 12.50/1kg
Pumpkin seeds: 12.35/1kg
Quinoa seeds, white, organic: 11.40/1kg Raisins, golden: 8.30/1kg
Raisins, sultana: 5.78/1kg
Rice, basmati, organic: 9.80/1kg
Rice, brown, long grain, organic: 5.60/1kg Rice, wild: 32.00/1kg
Salt, fine sea:1.60/1kg
Sesame seeds: 7.23/1kg
Sesame seed oil: 41.55 per can
Split Peas, green: 3.50/1kg
Split peas, yellow:
Sugar, brown: 0.95/1kg
Sugar, cane, white: 2.03/1kg
Sugar, icing: 2.33/1kg
Sugar, raw cane: organic: 4.20/1kg Sunflower seeds: 5.61/1kg
Tahini sesame paste: 12.00 per 2 lb jar
Toilet paper, 100% recycled: $2 per roll
Tomato, sundried: 15.00/1kg
Vinegar, apple cider:13.80 /5L
Vinegar, red wine: 14.40/5L jug
Vinegar, white: 8.75/5L jug
Walnuts, pieces: 23.76/1kg
Yeast: 6.10 PER PKG

DRIED HERBS AND SPICES, ask for availability.

SQUARES $3.00 each, as available.
Lemon, Naniamo, Date, Brownies, Butter Tarts, Carrot Cake, Molly Bars, Toffee Bars. Cookies: 5 pk for 6.00, as available.
Chocolate Chip, Mixed Seed. Oatcakes: 5 pk for 7.50
Assorted Higgens & Burke Teas, box of 20 bags: 5.75

Take-Home Dinners (frozen)

Large:20 Small:10
Thai Vegetable Curry
Macaroni and Cheese
Lentil Shepherd’s Pie
Beef Shepherd’s Pie
Beef Lasagna
Roasted Butternut Squash Lasagna Chicken Au Gratin
Haddock Au Gratin

All Butter Crust Pies

Large:30 Small:16
Coconut Curried Chicken Beef Steak
Assorted Dessert Pies

Frozen pasta sauces

1L: 18.00, 500mL: 10.00
Italian Meatballs in Tomato Sauce Sundried Tomato
Butter Chicken
House Made Mustards: 5.75 each
Honey & Tarragon, Hot Honey Horseradish, Hot Horseradish, Devil’s (made with sriracha), Honey & Ginger, Lime
House Made Dressings: 5.75 each Honey Mustard Vinaigrette Herbed Balsamic Vinaigrette Wildflower Honey 6.00 each. (250ml.)
Maplewood Maple Syrup 250ml: 10.00
500ml: 15.00
750ml: 20.00

House Made Jams: 6.75 each
Strawberry, Banberry, Sour Cherry, Peach, Mango Jalapeno Jelly

Seville Orange Marmalade: 7.75 each

DOWN EAST soaps 6.00/1L Laundry, Hand & Body, Dish

ONEKA cedar & sage: 9.00 per 500 ml bottle Shampoo and Conditioner
Meats from Martock Glen (Assorted pricing)
Lean Ground Beef (1lb), Italian Sausages (4 pk), Smoked Applewood Bacon, Whole Chickens, Chicken legs, Chicken thighs, Chicken Breast.
MILK, BUTTER, EGGS, CHEESE, sour cream, cream cheese. Condiments (mayo, dijon)


FRESH BREAD EVERYDAY! $4.75 per loaf!

Yesterday’s bread and freezer bread is also available. ASSORTED ONLY!

We are still taking orders for birthday cakes! Double layer, 9 inch round Chocolate with Chocolate Icing 38.00 Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing 42.00 Butter Pound with Buttercream Icing 48.00

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(902) 688-2908